Thursday, January 28, 2010

My ode to Cancer

So the other day, I was having I guess you could call it a "pity-party" for myself - not cool. Seth stepped up and gave me a gentle kick in the ass probably more than he knows. I basically let a few things get to me that normally I would have smiled at and probably would have just said, "It's all part of the gig!"

So I put my thoughts into a rambling sort of poem thingy. It actually makes sense to me - I hope it does to you!

Ode to Cancer

Don’t be afraid.
I’m going to hurt you good.
Up against the wall;
Nails across my back.
Pleasure and Pain,
There is no escape.
It’s all the same
It ain’t no game
So turn up the heat;
Get a grip –
It’s going to get rough
It’s no dream,
No waking up.
It’s okay to scream.
Let it all out.
No escape.
It’s down and dirty.
So, get on your knees and pray.
I’m your victim;
You’ll be mine.
You torment me,
Give me your best shot,
Is that your best you got?
That weak ass shit ain’t gonna cut it.
Torture me.
I’ll torture you,
You won’t see it coming.
I know your games,
I know your ways.
You won’t win.
I’m going to hurt you good.
So give me your best.
I’ll pass every test.
I’m gonna kill you slow.
So, don’t be afraid.
There is no escape.

Thanks for all the ongoing support guys - It means more than I can ever tell you or express, but I know you understand.



  1. Kick ass man .. don't you ever be sorry for having a pity party man... I got them candles burning . But man you hang in there! Kicking Ass and not asking names ... Dude I so understand... the poem... wishing you peace and you know got them huggs and love .. for you ..
    Love you Eirik ... you so rock... more than you will ever know...
    Love Lee Funny just was working on a post wondering about you ...

  2. Just don't have a pity party every day, or you'll wind up being... me. LOL.

    Hang in there buddy.

  3. I enjoyed this post...every word of it.

    And it makes sense to me. And thanks for sharing your deepest thoughts so openly.


  4. I know it's not a new post...but I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Valentine's Day.

    So...Happy Valentine's Day...with a very gentle hug.

  5. Eirik? Please post something.


  6. Hey Man , just letting you know still thinking and keeping ya in my thoughs.... miss our emails man ... Lee

  7. Just wanted to stop by and see if you had been about. How else am I going to get a taste of crazy CA in the Midwest? Sending positive thoughts your way...

  8. Wherever you are, Eirik, thank you again for this poem. I'm dealing with cancer again with a family member and it helps so much to read it again.